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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Revised Monthly Test Date Sheet 2017 for Class 1st to 8th Assessment Schedule for 2017-18

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Monthly Assessments Test (MAT) Date Sheet/Schedule for Class 1st to 8th for Academic Session 2017-18

(Updated on 11.10.17). Revised Monthly Test Date Sheet class 1st to 8th for Haryana Govt. Schools for 2017-18 - Check SCERT Gurugram Schedule of Monthly, Half Yearly and Annual Assessment 2017-18 for classes I to VIII. This schedule includes CCE/CRA Marks & Assessment Marks of Monthly Test, Half Yearly Test & Annual Test March 2018 for classes 1st to 8th for 2017-18.
image : Monthly Test Date Sheet 2017 Class 1st to 8th for Haryana Govt. Schools @ Haryana Education News
The Department of School Education & Elementary Education, Haryana released CCE Schedule for the Monthly Tests for all students of class of 1 to 8 for the session 2017-18 which is available here as the schedule has been issued on the official website i.e. The Department has made Headmaster/Head Teacher responsible for ensuring the smooth conduct of these tests.

Schedule of Monthly, Half Yearly & Annual Assessment for Classes I to VIII for 2017-18

Schedule of Assessment 2017-18 for Classes I-VIII
Assessment Type
Classes I to II
Classes III to VIII
Total Marks
Total Marks
Monthly Assessment
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
Half Yearly Assessment
60 Minutes
90 Minutes
Annual Assessment
90 Minutes
150 Minutes


Final Result
Monthly Assessment Marks (10*5/5) = 10
Half Yearly Assessment Marks (20/2) = 10
Annual Assessment Marks (30) = 30
Total Assessment Marks = 50
CCE/CRA Marks = 50
Total Marks = 100

Monthly Assessment Marks (20*5/5) = 20
Half Yearly Assessment Marks (40/2) = 20
Annual Assessment Marks (80/2) = 40
Total Assessment Marks = 80
CCE/CRA Marks (40/2) = 20
Total Marks = 100

You can also download detailed plan/design of monthly, half yearly & annual assessment for class 1st to 8th for the academic session 2017-18 at the given below link.

Download SCERT Assessment Plan for I to VIII for 2017-18

Haryana Monthly Assessments Test (MAT) 2017-18

A total 5 Monthly Assessment Tests will be conducted during the session 2017-18. Out of these 5 tests, 5 tests will be conducted and assessed by Class Teacher. Half Yearly Assessment Test (September 2017) and Annual Assessment Test (March 2018) will be conducted and assessed by other than class/subject teacher. The detailed Date Sheet for 5 monthly tests has been prepared by SCERT and is available at the website of  SCERT Haryana i.e. or DEE i.e. View date-sheet here.

See Also : 9th-12th CCE Monthly & Yearly Assessment Test Date Sheet for 2017

Consolidated (Revised) Date Sheet of Monthly Assessments Test for Classes 1st to 8th (2017-18)

image : Revised Monthly Test Date Sheet 2017-18 for class 1-8 for Haryana Govt. Schools @

Half Yearly Date Sheet September 2017 for Class 1st to 8th (Revised)

Here is half-yearly revised date sheet of class 1st to 5th and 6th to 8th for Sept., 2017.
image : Revised Half Yearly Date Sheet Sept. 2017 for class 1-8 for Haryana Govt. Schools @

Annual Assessment/Yearly Date Sheet March 2018 for Class 1st to 8th

Here is yearly date sheet of class 1st to 5th and 6th to 8th for March 2018.
image : Yearly Date Sheet March 2018 for class 1-8 for Haryana Govt. Schools @
Important Instructions
  1. Duration of the test for class 1st & 2nd shall be of 45 minutes and for classes 3rd to 5th shall be of 60 minutes. The tests shall be conducted in the first period of the school on the designated date.
  2. There will be no morning assembly on the day of the test and the length of class periods that day shall be shortened so that at periods are taught that day after the test,
  3. The marks obtained in this assessment shall be duly filled in Evaluation Sheets (CCE/CRA cards) of each student. These CCE/CRA cards will be shown by the Class-teacher/Subject-teacher to the Officers during inspection.
  4. The concerned Headmaster/Head Teacher shall send the test results to DEEO within two working days on prescribed format, which has already been provided last year. The DEEO shall get these results fed/entered into the software which is available on
  5. The question papers for each exam shall be prepared centrally by the SCERT for the sake of uniformity. While question papers for the months of September and March shall be got printed for each student and shall be got delivered by Directorate, for the remaining months i.e. July, August, October, November & January (total 5), the test papers shall be e-mailed to the concerned BRC/Principal/Headmaster/Elementary Headmaster/Head Teacher who will be responsible for taking the printouts and delivering it to the Schools The exact methodology for this will be detailed and sent by the Director General, Elementary Education.
  6. The Class-teacher/subject-teacher shall assess the answer-sheets for all the months except September and March. Answer-sheets for the months of September and March shall be got evaluated from teachers other than the class-teacher/Subject teacher to assess independently the level of learning outcomes. All teachers of Government Schools in the State are requested to maintain utmost integrity during evaluation. All the question papers and answer-sheets shall be preserved for a minimum period of one year' Inspecting officers shall randomly check/see the answer-sheets, call the concerned students and may test the correctness of evaluation. If there is a substantial mismatch between the result based on their evaluation and the independent evaluator, the concerned teacher will be liable for disciplinary action in this regard.


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