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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Inter District Transfer List 2019 for JBT Teachers

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Inter District Transfer List (JBT and C&V) 2019

(Updated on 20.04.19). The Directorate of Elementary Education (DEE), Haryana today (20.04.2019) released JBT Inter District Transfer List 2019. Before this, Inter District Transfers 2015-16 for JBT Teacher was released on 01.04.2016. It is notable that JBT and C&V teachers demanded a lot of time to release the list. Here is the detail of Inter District Transfer of JBT and C&V Teachers for 2019.

Inter District Transfer List - JBT Teacher 2019

JBT Inter District Transfer List 2019 is released on 20 April 2019. Download the inter district transfer list of JBT Teacher at the below links.

Download Provisional District Allocation Report 2019 (20.04.19)

Inter District Transfer List - JBT and C&V Teacher (Punjabi, Sanskrit, Drawing & PTI) 2016

JBT and C&V Inter District Transfer List for Punjabi, Sanskrit, Drawing Teacher and PTI along with C&V Inter District Mutual Transfer List 2016 was released on 01 & 02 April 2016. Download the inter district transfer list of JBT Teacher, C&V Teachers of Drawing Teacher, Punjabi Teacher, Sanskrit Teacher & PTI at the below links.

Here is the instructions for the candidates of inter district transfers :
  1. In case of Mutual Transfer fresh consent and affidavit and in case of other Inter District Transfer, affidavit for loosing there seniority regarding Inter District Transfer may be obtained before implementing Inter District Transfers. 
  2. If any discrepancy is noticed in the documents of the applicants transfer should not be implemented and it should be brought to the notice of Head Quarter immediately. 
  3. Mutual Transfers should be in the same category e.g. BCA with BCA, Gen. with General etc. Before implementing it should be properly verified. 
  4. Each Inter District Transfer should be implemented as per Roster wise available vacancies and work load in that District. 
  5. Station to all teachers should be given through counseling at the level of DEE() as per priority cum seniority basis (list of priority attached). Before joining each DEE() should certify that:- (a) All these transfers have been checked/ verified & all are as per inter district transfer policy / transfer policy. (b) Before joining counseling list should be approved from Head Quarter through special messenger. (c) It is certified that all the teachers have been adjusted as per vacancy and workload. If anything is found wrong, I shall be responsible for this. 
  6. If there is any violation of the transfer policy, the transfer should not be implemented and it should be brought in the notice of Head Quarter immediately. If any transfer is implemented against inter district transfer policy/ transfer policy it should be the responsibility of the concerned DEEO. 
  7. Seniority of the transferred teachers should be fixed as per Inter District Transfer Policy after implementing the whole list. 
  8. The post on which guest teachers are working not to be treated as vacancies. 
  9. No Head Teacher should be transferred Because the transfer of HT will effect the interest of senior JBT teachers of next District who could not be promoted as HT yet.

Notice for JBT Inter District Transfer Relieving & Joining of Mewat District

The department on 04.04.2016 issued a notice regarding JBT Inter District Transfers 2016. The department decided that the JBT teachers recently transferred out of district from Mewat, are not to be relieved till joining of their substitutesThis be complied with strictly.


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