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Friday, July 21, 2017

MIS Teachers Transfer Drive 2017 for PGT/HM/ESHM under Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 @ School Education Department, Haryana

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JBT/TGT/PGT Teachers Transfer List/Policy-2016-17 for Haryana Education Dept.

(Latest Updated on 22.07.17). School Education Department, Haryana on 22.07.2017 released Revised List of PGTs who were continued either in Zone 6 or 7. Check Revised Schedule for Teachers Transfer Drive July 2017 for Headmasters High Schools, PGTs/Lecturers and Elementary School Headmasters for MIS General Teachers Transfer 2017.

Earlier, the Dept. uploaded List of Schools with Revised Zone Information as on 23.06.2017. DSE had invited objects/suggestions regarding zoning of schools under Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 (revised on 01.06.2017). All stakeholders could submit his/her objections/suggestions up to 08.06.2017. The Department has released revised Teachers Transfer Policy 2017 as Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 (amended as on 01.06.2017) on 05.06.2017. The Revised Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 for School Education Department was earlier released on 29.06.2016.

When the transfer drive is open all interested and eligible teachers may opt for Schools and Zones afresh as per the new teachers transfer policy. Transfer Drive 2017 is available at MIS Portal of School Education Department, Haryana.

MIS Transfer Options for Zone and Schools, Vacant School List of Eligible Teachers for MIS General Transfer Drive 2017 is available here as soon as it is available on the official website. Teachers can submit their representation through 'Sugam Sampark' as per the schedule.

Haryana Government had issued JBT/HTPGT Transfer List as District-wise & Subject-wise on 17.09.16 & 06.08.2016 respectively on the official website of DSE Haryana i.e.

In order to regulate the Transfers of Teachers working in the School Education Department Haryana the Govt. has approved the Teachers Transfer Policy-2016. This teacher transfer policy aims many features including Zoning of Schools, Periodicity of the Transfers etc. Here are main features of New Teachers Transfer Policy 2016-2017. Check JBT/TGT MIS Transfer Options, TGT, PGT, HT, JBT Transfer List 2016-17, vacancy report and list of employees eligible for transfer 2017 here. Download JBT Transfer List, HT Transfer List 2016 at the official website.

MIS Portal Teachers General Transfers 2017

The department started/installed Teachers Transfer Drive for General Transfer 2017 through MIS portal for Haryana & Mewat cadre. PGT/HM/ESHM can view vacant school list on official website of DEE/DSE Haryana when the list is available on the website. All teachers who will be eligible for transfer can choose their option for Zone and School as per their seniority as per the schedule. Teachers Transfer Options can be submitted for the general transfer 2017 as per the new schedule to be uploaded soon on the official website. All concerned are requested to read important instructions regarding their zone and schools.

Click Here for MIS Teachers Transfer Drive 2017 for PGT/Lecturer, HM/ESHM

Download Rationalization/Redistribution of HT/JBT in the Districts as per their Requirements (10.07.17)

Download Notice regarding updation of date of issue of certificate of debilitating diseases on MIS Portal (28.06.2017-Revised)

Download List of Schools with Revised Zone Information as on 23.06.207 (revised) (28.06.17)

Download Clarification regarding the credit of  'Academic Performance' as per para 7(b) of Transfer Policy (27.06.17)

Download List of Schools with Revised Zone Information as on 23.06.2017 (23.06.17)

Download Notice for Correction/Updation of MIS Profile (23.06.17)

Download Notice for Inviting Objections/Suggestions regarding Zoning of Schools under Teachers Transfer Policy (05.06.17)

Download Teachers Transfer Policy (amended as on 01.06.2017)

MIS Portal General Transfers of TGT 2016

TGT Transfer Drivve 2016 was postponed due to some reasons. Here are the notices and orders regarding MIS TGT General Transfers 2016.

>> Apply/Choose TGT/C&V/ESHM MIS Transfer Options for School & Zone 2016 (up to 24.10.16) >>

Visit official link for all notice/orders regarding Teachers Transfer Policy 2016

PRT/JBT & HT Transfer List 2016 (Haryana & Mewat)

The department uploaded JBT & HT Transfer List on 17.09.2016 as district-wise and cadre-wise (for Haryana & Mewat). All PRT/JBTs and HTs can view the list on official website of DEE/DSE Haryana.

Download here district-wise and cadre-wise (JBT & HT) transfer list of Primary Teacher & Head Teacher working in Haryana Govt. Primary Schools.

Download Notice JBT Inter District Transfer Appointment Order 19.09.16

Download HT/JBT Joint Merit List (Eligible for Transfer) 16.09.16

Download Instructions for JBT/HT (Mewat Distt) Transferred Teachers 2016 (16.09.16)

Download Notice for JBT/HT General Transfer 2016 (14.09.16)

Download Notice for JBT/HT General Transfer 2016 (14.09.16)

Download Cancellation Order for JBT/HT Inter Distt. Transfer & List 2016 (14.09.16)

Download Order for JBT/HT General Transfer 2016 (09.09.16)

Download Vacancy Report (JBT & HT) for General Transfer (09.09.16)

Download List of Employees (PRT/JBT) Eligible for Transfer (09.09.16)

Download List of Employees (HT) Eligible for Transfer (09.09.16)

Download List of Employees (PRT/JBT-Mewat) Eligible for Transfer (09.09.16)

Download List of Employees (HT-Mewat) Eligible for Transfer (09.09.16)

Download Order for JBT/HT Transfer Drive 2016 (only within district) (24.08.16)

2nd Transfer Drive of PGTs

The department has started 2nd Transfer Drive of PGTs and eligible teachers can opt for schools and zones afresh up to 17.12.2016 (extended up to 18.12.16). Before this the department had issued a notice regarding 2nd transfer drive of PGTs who had filed Sugam Sampark Grievances and wanted to participate in transfer drive. These interested teachers could submit their view (Yes/No option) through a fresh Sugam Sampark entry as per the schedule and School and Zone options can be chosen as per the new schedule uploaded officially.

image : Haryana 2nd Transfer Drive of PGTs
image : Haryana 2nd Transfer Drive of PGTs-2

Important Dates

  • Last date for Zone and School Options : 17.12.2016 (extended up to 18.12.16)
  • Tentative Date for Generation of Transfer List : 21.12.2016

Important Notices and Orders regarding PGT 2nd Transfer Drive

Correction in PGT Transfer Orders Dated 06.08.2016

The department issued a notice regarding correction in transfer orders dated 06.08.2016 in respect of some PGTs, particularly newly promoted PGTs. See here the details.

Download Notice for Corrections in Transfer Order Dated 06.08.2016 (09.08.16)

DSE PGT/Lecturer Transfer List 06.08.2016 (Haryana & Mewat)

The department uploaded PGT Transfer List on 06.08.2016 as subject-wise and cadre-wise (for Haryana & Mewat). PGT/Lecturer can view the list on official website of DSE Haryana.

Download here subject-wise and cadre-wise transfer list of PGT working in Haryana Govt. Schools.

Important Dates

  • PGT Transfer List Released 06.08.2016
  • Dates for MIS General Transfer for PGT/Lecturer : 08.07.2016 to 13.07.2016 (extended upto 05.08.2016) (upto 11.59 A.M.)
  • Last Date for Profile Correction Request Submission : 10.07.2016 (upto 5.00 P.M.)

Download Guest Teachers and their continuation in the school of MIS Profile (11.08.2016)

Download Notice regarding completion and updation of service as well as Personal profile on MIS portal. (10.08.2016)

Download Notice regarding Participation in the next phase of Transfers of PGTs (10.08.2016)
Download New Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 along with List of 774 PGTs Marked for Transfer 'Anywhere in the State' (08.08.16)

Download Notice for Abeyance of Transfer Orders of Special Categories (SCERT/DIET/BITE/GETTI / DMS/DSS / Model School/Aarohi School / Prarambh School (08.08.16)

Download Vacancy Report for General Transfer (04.08.16)

Download List of Employees Eligible for Transfer (04.08.16)

Download Clarification regarding Genral Transfer Drive (dated 02.08.2016)

Download : List of 709 PGTs who have added "Previous Appointment" in their service Profile on MIS Portal but did not add "Posting" against "Previous Appointment"

Download List of employees (PGTs) showing tenure of service rendered by them (as on 30.6.2016) in zone 1 to 7 on the basis of information submitted by the themselves on MIS Portal and approved by the Approving Authority (29.0716)

Download PGT Vacancy Report - General Transfer, Designation as on 13.07.16

Download Notice for Date Extension (upto 13.07.16) for PGT Transfers 2016 (11.07.16)

Download Notice and Instructions for PGT Transfers 2016 (08.07.16)

Haryana Teachers Transfer Policy- 2016

VISION : To ensure equitable, demand based distribution of teachers/ Heads to protect academic interest of students and optimise job satisfaction amongst its employees in a fair and transparent manner.

Main features :

  1. Teachers who are members of State Cadre and District Cadre are liable to be transferred anywhere in the State and anywhere in the District respectively, at any point of time. Transfer to an opted zone/ school cannot be claimed as a matter of right. 
  2. This Transfer Policy shall be applicable w.e.f. academic session 2016-17. 
  3. The Transfer Policy shall be applicable to all teaching Cadre Posts including Principals and Headmasters. Posts of Ministerial Cadre, Block Officers, District Officers, Principal DIETs shall not be covered under the policy. 
  4. While affecting transfers, the academic interest of students shall be supreme. 

Zoning of schools 

All Government Schools shall be categorized into following seven zones for the p pose of transfer of teachers:

  1. Zone 1 Schools located within Municipal area of the City of District Headquarters. 
  2. Zone 2 Schools located within the 10 KM radius starting from the boundary of Municipal Area of District Headquarters. 
  3. Zone 3 Schools located in the City/ Town of Educational Block Headquarters except those which are co-located with District Headquarters. 
  4. Zone 4 Schools located on the State Highways or National Highways between 10 K.M. to 15 K.M. outside the M.C. area of the District Headquarters. 
  5. Zone 5 Schools located in the radius of 5 K.M. of Block Headquarters. Distance shall be measured from Main Bus Stand of the City. 
  6. Zone 6 Schools located between the radius of 5-10 K.Ms of Block Headquarters, Central point being the bus stand of the City. 
  7. Zone 7 All remaining schools located in the farthest area and not covered in above categories. 
Periodicity of the transfers 

General Transfers will be made only during the period decided by the State Government. However, transfers can be affected by the Government at any time during the year in cases of administrative exigency, transfer of spouses of employees of Departments/ Organizations of Government of Haryana and Central Government and on compassionate grounds for which advantage under para 6(iii) (b) has not been taken by the teacher. The reasons for transfers under these grounds should be recorded on file.

FAQ - Teachers Transfer Policy 2016

image : FAQ - Haryana Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 @ Haryana Education News
Download List of Schools with Revised Zone Information as on 23.06.2017 (23.06.17)

Download Notice for Inviting Objections/Suggestions regarding Zoning of Schools under Teachers Transfer Policy (05.06.17)

Download Teachers Transfer Policy (amended as on 01.06.2017)

Download Notice regarding uploading of enrolment data as on 30.09.2016 on MIS Portal for the purpose of rationalization. (04.10.2016)

Download Clarification regarding Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 (11.08.16)

Download Grievance for Teachers Transfer 2016 (08.08.16)

Download Office Order regarding Constitution of Scrutiny Committee for Teachers' Transfer Exercise 2016 (05.08.16)

Download Clarification regarding Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 (21.07.16)

Download FAQ Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 (29.06.16)

Download Revised Teachers Transfer Policy 2016 (29.06.2016)

Download Teachers Transfer Policy- 2016 (as on 19.05.2016)

Download Teachers Transfer Policy- 2016

Download Zone-wise List of Schools 2016

Note : Visit official link for all notice/orders regarding Teachers Transfer Policy 2016


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