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28 May 2017

HSSC Mandi Supervisor Solved Paper 28.05.2017 (Morning)

HSSC Mandi Supervisor Solved Question Paper Exam 28.05.2017 - 
image : HSSC Mandi Supervisor Solved Question Paper 28.05.17 @ Haryana Education News
(Updated on 03.06.17). Here is solved question paper of Mandi Supervisor exam 28.05.2017 held in the Morning Session for cat. no. 17 of advt. no. 7/2015. This question paper solution has been solved with official answer key of HSSC Mandi Supervisor Exam 28.05.2017.  This paper solution is updated with official answer key of Mandi Supervisor exam May 2017 as the official answer key is uploaded by the Commission.

Check Mandi Supervisor Solved Question Paper (Morning) 28.05.2017.

HSSC Solved Question Answers - Mandi Supervisor Exam 28.05.2017 (Morning)

Q.1. Social reformer Pt. Bastiram was born at

Ans. Kheri Sultan

Q.2. Train started at Haryana for the first time on

Ans. Delhi to Rewari

Q.3. Rowlatt Act was first opposed in 1919 at

Ans. Hisar

Q.4. Devotee-cum-Compositor Surdas was a contemporary of

Ans. Akbar

Q.5. Dharuhera Industrial Area is on which national highway?

Ans. Delhi Jaipur

Q.6. Traditionally worn turban on the head in Haryana is called?

Ans. Khandwa

Q.7. Kala Titar tourism place is situated in the district of

Ans. Sirsa

Q.8. Who is the author of Satyarth Prakash?

Ans. Swami Dayanand

Q.9. Which is the official language of Haryana?

Ans. Hindi

Q.10. In the Revolt of 1857, which district of Haryana had a role?

Ans. All of these

Q.11. Bapoli comes under the district of

Ans. Panipat

Q.12. The famous film personality Shri Sunil Dutt was related with which district of Haryana?

Ans. Yamunanagar

Q.13. Where is the Rajiv Gandhi Education City is going to be established ?

Ans. Kundli

Q.14. Who among the following was not the chief minister of Haryana?

Ans. G.D.Tapase

Q.15. Who founded the Haryana Vikas Party?

Ans. Bansilal

Q.16. Sindhara gift is given to a daughter or a sister on the occasion of –

Ans. Teej

Q.17. The first Akashvani Kendra was established in Haryana at

Ans. Rohtak

Q.18. Ratnavali is the famous writing of

Ans. Harshvardhan

Q.19. West Yamunangar (Canal) has been cut out from the river Yamuna in the area of

Ans. Tajewala

Q.20. In Haryana, Copper coins of the Harshvardhana era has been found at

Ans. Sonipat

Q.21 Who was the first non Congress Chief Minister of Haryana?

Ans. Rao Birender Singh

Q.22 Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang came to Haryana under the reign of emperor

Ans. Harshvardhan

Q.23. Haryanvi spoken in Mewat does not have the influence of which dialect?

Ans. Punjabi.

Q.24. Which scholar had the biggest contribution in the establishment of the Manuscript

Museum at Kurukshetra University?

Ans. Pt. Sthanudatt Sharma.

Q.25. The folk song “Babul desh jaiyo pradesh jaiyo gori ka bar too dhoondhiyo” is sung by women in the festival of

Ans. Marriage.

Q.26. The young man was well dressed because

Ans. He want to impress the salesman

Q.27. The manager asked the young man what he wanted because

Ans. He would give his exactly what he was looking for.

Q.28. The statue was so—– that people stared at it in horror.

Ans. Grotesque

Q.29. I don’t know where but I could guess a/an…..

Ans. Estimate

Q.30. Meaning of the word Twain

Ans. Couple

Q.31. Meaning of the word Levitate

Ans. To rise

Q.32. Choose opposite word Gruesome

Ans. Pleasant

Q.33. Choose opposite word Stripped

Ans. Covered

Q.24. Find the correctly spelt word

Ans. Erroneously

Q.35. Find the correctly spelt word

Ans. Demarrage

Q.36. Write in passive voice - He sent me a present

Ans. A present was sent to me by him.

Q.37. Write in passive voice - Kill the snake

Ans. Let the snake be killed

Note : Complete solved question paper will be updated here shortly.

Download Official Answer Key of Mandi Supervisor Exam 28.05.2017 (Morning) (03.06.17)

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